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The 3 Tells
How to Write an Essay/Speech

“How many sentences do I have to write?"
As an English teacher I get that question.
 My reply ?: "The perfect paragraph has 5 sentences and the perfect essay then has 25."  "25 Sentences? Only 25 … are you off your rocker or something?"

“How many sentences do I have to write?"
Yes I am off my rocker but that has nothing to do with this model for writing.
It is what I call:
"The 3 Tells" model.
"The 3 Tells?"

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That means your
dendrites are growing.

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Are You Understanding This Now?

Let’s Try That Again:

1st Supporting Statement
2nd Supporting Statement
3rd Supporting Statement

"Writing should never be formulaic..."
Writing should never be formulaic however, when writing for an academia that grades essay or speech writing with a standardized rubric it is best then to follow that rubric.

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